Project Description

Fluent MVVM Configuration for WPF. A powerful yet simple interface for configuring view models for WPF.
Eliminates INotifyPropertyChanged duplication. Provides support for automatic ICommand wiring.

C#, .NET4, VS2010.

  • Enhances testability of controllers, commands and view models.
  • Fluent interface for view model and controller configuration.
  • Define view models using interfaces only.
  • Automatically wire controller methods to respond to ICommand.
  • Configure INotifyPropertyChanged for view model properties in configuration only. Zero implementation code!
  • View model activation via WPF markup extension.
  • View model validation using the FluentValidation library (
  • IoC friendly.

Planned Features
  • Binding view models to one or more models
  • Dispatch commands to multiple different controllers

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